A polar bear tore down a woman and her one-year-old son in a populated locality in Alaska, USA.

The polar bear tore up the mother and her child

The incident took place on Tuesday in front of wells school in Alaska. In fact, Alaska is the polar bear’s grazing ground. However, this bear does not usually come to the locality.

But on Tuesday, a large polar bear suddenly entered the locality of Wales, Alaska. It was running towards everyone on the street. The residents were fleeing in fear of seeing the violent animal. The bear found the mother and the little boy alone in front of a local school and attacked him. Both were killed in the attack. Parts of the body have been sent for post-mortem. It is reported that the polar bear attacked in front of the Bering Street District School in the city of Wales. Many people entered the school in fear of life. The bear continued to knock on the school door. The bear was later shot dead by the local administration. It is speculated that the bear came to the locality for food.

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