Unleashing the Culinary Delight: Chicken Razala RecipeAre you in the mood for a delectable chicken dish? Our chicken razala recipe will not only satisfy your taste buds but will also take you on a gastronomical adventure.What is chicken razala?Chicken razala is a popular Bengali delicacy,

a creamy concoction of tender chicken pieces simmered in a rich gravy of yogurt and aromatic spices. The dish is widely cherished for its unique flavors and silken texture that complement many Indian breads and plain rice.Chicken Razala RecipeBefore we delve into the steps of preparing the dish, let’s take a quick look at the

  • ingredients.Ingredients:
  1. 500g chicken2 large onions,
  2. finely chopped6 cloves of garlic,
  3. crushed2 tsp of ginger,
  4. grated1 chocolate cup of plain yogurt1 tbsp heavy cream3 tsp of turmeric powderSalt,
  5. as per tasteA pinch of kesar (saffron)2-3 green chilies,

slitFragrant basmati rice to serveInstructions:

Start by marinating the chicken in salt,

turmeric powder,

and yogurt for at least an hour.Heat oil in a pan over low flame,

add the onions,


and ginger and sauté until they turn golden brown.Add the marinated chicken to the pan and increase the flame to medium. Sauté for 10-15 minutes until the chicken turns brown.Add kesar, the remaining turmeric powder,

and the slit green chilies. Mix them well.Cover the pan and simmer until the chicken becomes tender.Turn off the flame, add a dollop of heavy cream and mix well.Your chicken razala is ready to be served with fragrant basmati rice.

Why try Chicken Razala?

Chicken razala is not just food, it’s an experience. The amalgamation of spices in the creamy gravy is bound to impress your senses. The mild flavors make the dish suitable for all ages. So, why wait? Treasure this recipe and impress your loved ones with your cooking prowess.Now, the question arises:

Ready to embark on this enticing culinary journey?

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